lake mburo national park

Lake Mburo National Park

Its (260 lies along Mbarara Road with easy access of Kampala. It’s an attractive park of rolling hills and open grass valleys covered in extensive acacia woodland, Mburo has markedly different fauna to other reserves. Find herds of Zebras, Cape buffaloes and Eland Antelopes, Oribi and Topi, Impalas are easily approached.

Along with the game drive, many visitors enjoy the Boat tripe on Lake Mburo. Self –guided nature walks are also available.

The five lakes in the park attract a variety of water birds, birdwatchers will enjoy more than 250 species of birds including the yellow papyrus Gonolek, Brown faced lapwing. Caruthers Cisticola, the extraordinary white winged warbler and Bare-Faced –Go –Away bird.