Official language is English, but there are a lot of local languages. Poulation is about 36 million, and about 1.4 million lives in or around Kampala, the capitol. Currency is Uganda Shillings: 500 Shillings is close to 1,- NOK. Uganda has a dominant party system and in 2011President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was in reelected after 24 years as president.

Traffic in Uganda:

Traffic in Uganda is different from traffic in the Western World. In Uganda we drive on the left side of the road.

Especially in Kampala, traffic is very chaotic. The drivers are fighting to be the first to go and press everyone out of their way to get there. It is a very selfish way of driving, and a lot of accidents. There are a lot of mopeds in town; they are called Boda Boda, and carry passengers for a fee. In town there are also busses, they are mini busses with a TAXI sign on the roof and can carry up to 15 passengers. Outside Kampala traffic is quiet, since there are fewer cars. The roads can have a lot of potholes, so practice caution.


Uganda is on the equator and therefore have a very stable temperature. The country is also very elevated. and averages 1,100 meters abover the ocean. The weather is normally warm, while in the rain season it’s still warm and humid. Rainy season is regularly from August to December and March to June For the evenings you may need a sweater. On the gorilla tour you need warm clothing and a light rain jacket. Shoes for walking in the mountains are the best option for the gorilla tour.


Ask your local health authority or your own doctor which immunizations are needed for Uganda. Malaria is very common here so preventive medication is necessary.

Take also something against diarrhea; change of diet can sometimes give some nasty reaction in the stomach. Malaria tablets are recommended; Also handy is some medicine against allergy.


Make sure you have a (for Uganda) valid travel and medical insurance.

Carry the important telephone numbers for any emergency.

Travel documents:

Make sure all the necessary travel documents are valid, we don’t take any responsibility for these documents.

Passport must be valid.

Visa will be bought at the airport on arrival (at the moment $50/= per person).

Driving permit should be an International Permit and valid for the period of the safari.

Valid immunization card/booklet should have the stamps for the necessary immunizations.