This is an eastern extension of the vast Ituri forest and forms part of the forest continuum during the climatic upheavals of the Pleistocene. This is one of the richest areas for both flora and fauna in Africa, especially for birds. It’s 220kms was gazetted in October 1993 and it’s one of Uganda’s newest parks. Semliki national park is situated in the remote corner of west Uganda in Bundibugyo District, the park lies on Uganda – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border within the western arm of the East African Rift Valley to the southeast are the Rwenzori Mountains, to the west is DRC and to the north is Lake Albert.


The park has more than 400 bird species including the rare Forest ground thrush and Sassi’s Olive Greenbul not forgetting the nine species of hornbills that have been recorded in the park. The park has over 60 mammal species, including forest Buffalos, Leopards, pygmy Hippos, Mona Monkeys, Bush babies, Forest Elephants and the Pygmy flying squirrel.