It’s one of the outstanding treasures of Uganda, QNP has recently been designated a Biosphere Reserve for Humanity under UNESCO. The park covers 2000 sq.kms, and includes a remarkable variety of Eco-systems, from semi deciduous tropical forest to green meadows, Savannah and swamps. It is the home of the famous tree- climbing lions, the Uganda kobs and other antelopes as well as elephants, buffalo’s, hippos, baboons, leopards, and chimpanzee. Over 500 species of bird have been recorded here making it a prime target for birdwatchers. Species recorded include the shoebill stork, black bee-eater, 11 types of kingfishers and a variety of raptors which include several falcons and eagles. In the crater lakes, spectacular flocks of flamingos gather creating the image of a moving pink carpet. The launch trip along the Kazinga channel between the Lake George and Edward is a memorable way to view the abundant game in Queen Elizabeth national park. North of the main gate is the crater area, one of the most scenic parts of the park. To the east, in kyambura gorge, visitors can climb through tropical forest and catch a glimpse of a variety of primates including the chimpanzees. In the most isolated Ishasha sector of the park, search the woodlands for the tree-climbing lions perching on the boughs of ancient fig trees. To the southeast, travellers can explore newly opened trails in maramagambo forest.