Kenya is boarded by the Indian Ocean, the coast from which, the low plains rise to central highlands. The highlands are bisected by the Great Rift Valley.

Kenya’s climate varies from tropical along the coast to temperate inland to arid in the north and northeast parts of the country. Kenya receives a great deal of sunshine all the year round, and summer clothes are worn throughout the year.

A large proportion of Kenya’s tourism centers on safaris and tours of its great National Parks and Game Reserves.

While most tourists do visit for safari there are also great cultural aspects of the country to explore in cities like Mombasa and Lamu on the coast.

To explore the wilderness of the country you must certainly visit Lake Turkana in the rift valley which is known to be filled with crocodiles

The highest mountain peak of Africa is found in Kenya that is Mountain Kenya which is surrounded by forests has snow and ice hard rocks.

Among the national parks that you would not miss visiting is Lake Nakuru which is endowed with flamingos, White rhinos, hippos and others

Other national parks include Aberdin , Ambosel, Nairobi to mention but a few and numerous coastal beaches .

Kenya won the Best Leisure Destination award at the World Travel Fair in Shanghai, China, in 2008. This qualified it to have a unique world acclaimed tourism product