• Masai Mara Animals

    Masai Mara Animals

    Masai Mara Animals A safari in the Masai Mara is full of amazing sights, incredible animal encounters and some possibly scary run-ins. A latest trip to this magical Kenyan savannah proved to have all of […]

  • Traveling in East Africa

    Traveling in East Africa

    THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT TRAVELING IN EAST AFRICA…. Ethnic makeup East Africa is home to several hundred ethnic groups which can broadly be distinguished into two major language groups: Bantu and Nilotic. The coastal region […]

  • Africa Facts

    Africa Facts

    AFRICA FACTS   Africa is an amazing continent. From its start as the hearth of humanity, it is now home to more than a billion people. It has jungles and desert and even a glacier. […]

  • Boda Boda

    Boda Boda

    The Boda-Boda taxis are part of the African bicycle culture; they started in the 1960s and 1970s and are still spreading from their origin on the Kenyan – Ugandan border to other regions. The name originated from a need to transport […]

  • East Africa, International Cuisine.

    East Africa, International Cuisine.

    East Africa, International Cuisine. Craving spicy Thai food? Dreaming of cheesy, meaty pizza fresh from the oven? Just because you aren’t living in Asia or Italy doesn’t mean you cant find these foods here, in […]

  • Northern Uganda

    Northern Uganda

    No longer a war zone, northern Uganda has a reputation as being the home to the friendliest people in Uganda.  The former reputation was one of terror, from the notorious Joseph Kony who terrorized the […]

  • East Africa Road Trip

    East Africa Road Trip

    An East Africa road trip is the most amazing way to use your five senses explore a myriad of places in depth. Whether you choose a bus, car, or even a train (where and when […]

  • Ssese Islands Uganda

    Ssese Islands Uganda

    Uganda’s Ssese Islands in the center of Lake Victoria are the perfect place for peace and quiet.

  • Rwanda


    The steep and low hills that make up the Kigali city centre and extend into the far distance give Rwanda the name, land of a thousand hills. Kigali is the capital of Rwanda and a quiet one at that. Its calm and serene culture is welcoming and warm.

  • Jinja, Uganda. Where the Mighty Nile meets Lake Victoria.

    Jinja, Uganda. Where the Mighty Nile meets Lake Victoria.

    Jinja is famously known as being the source of the Nile. Whether you visit the source itself at the Nile’s junction to Lake Victoria, white water raft down this mighty river, or commit to your first or 20th bungee jumping adventure, Jinja will not disappoint. However for those who prefer a slower pace there are still many things to do!


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